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bullet  Without a standard, one can be vague about the details of the Akita dog more than one wants to admit. The Akita Dog Standard is a brief outline which specifies how this dog should be. [Read more]
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Loren & CristinaLoren Egland's interest in dogs prompted him to read about the many breeds of dogs in search of that one special breed he would someday own. Loren's interest in Akitas was sparked by a picture of a group of Akitas in his seventh grade Weekly Reader in 1961.
   In 1964, after reading an article about the Akita (written by Liz Harrel and Sonya Dorman) in the Northern Dog News magazine he was subscribing to, that spark ignited into a passion. That same year Loren subscribed to AkitaNews, a publication of the American Akita Breeders.

Loren obtained his first Akita in the 1970's and has been, with his wife Cristina, involved in breeding and showing ever since. He attended his first ACA National Specialty in 1978 (the first National was held in 1976) and has attended over 20 Nationals since. This breed is the only breed with which the Egland's have ever been involved.
The Northland Kennel has always been small (five dog maximum) and Northland Akitas have a unique appearance, possessing the exotic beauty in every detail of the ACA/AKC Standard so often lacking in the breed. Our breeding program has owned & produced multiple AKC, CKC, and European Champions, Multiple Register Of Merit (ROM) Akitas, Best Of Breed winners and Group Placers.
   ACA Regional and Independent, Specialty wins include multiple Best In Show Specialty, Multiple Award Of Merits, Best Opposite Sex, Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best In Sweepstakes and multiple Supported Entry BOB's. National Specialty awards include Reserve Winners Bitch, multiple National Best Stud Dog, Best Brood Bitch, multiple National Breeders Cup, Three Generation Maturity, Best In Sweepstakes, Best Puppy in Sweepstakes, Best Puppy in Futurity and Best Bred By Exhibitor.
   Our Japan import won the Los Angeles AKIHO GOLD and JACA Best In Show and her son won the AKIHO Best Male In Show Judges Award. Northland Akitas has also produced Akitas that have obtained obedience titles.
   Loren has been privileged to judge for the ACA National, Independent, and Regional Specialty Sweepstakes and Akita Specialty Matches. He served on the ACA Judges Education Committee from 1994 - 2002. He was selected as one of three ACA Delegates to attend the first World Akita Congress which was held in December, 1996 in Tokyo, Japan.
    While there, he and Cristina attended the Japan Kennel Club's National Akita Specialty even found time to visit the Hachiko statue at Shibuya station. They both also attended the AKIHO Headquarters Show held in Japan in December, 1998. While there, they also visited the Akiho Museum in Odate, Japan.

Cristina & Panther

 Our Akitas are known to possess excellent temperaments. Our goal is to continue to produce Akitas that reflect excellence in accord with all aspects of the ACA/AKC Standard.
Rather than breed toward the current trends of the day, we strive to preserve the Akita that in 1931 was declared a Natural Monument in Japan, breeding the type of dog envisioned by the learned pioneers who wrote a standard as the guide where by the true Akita would emerge.    We believe that only by taking this approach, will the true virtues of the Akita be preserved and enhanced for future generations.

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