This true story is the most famous of all dog stories and has become a kind of modem legend, relayed from one generation to another and also finding its way into books, movies, and television dramas. [Read more]

dog dog Ember Frakaris Hirose's Hiroses
Japan Japan Japan sires Japan and Shere Khan Lion Lion
Meow and Shady puppy puppy puppy puppy
Ryu Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow Meow
Shady Shady Shere Khan Shere Khan and Lion Shiro Sho
Taisho Tiger tora Tora Yagomos  
FCI Akita Standard and Analysis
FCI American Akita Dog Standard
  Among numerous Japanese dogs with standing ears and curled tail, only the Akita dog is now of the large type. If this portion of history is ignored, it would be difficult to explain why five of the other Japanese dogs are of the medium and small types. [Read more]
  My interest in animals center solely around the Akita dog.   Many may disagree, but I believe that very few animals such as the Akita dog were affected by the trend of man's thinking. [Read more]
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