Asia Crystal Dennis Genesis Japan Lion
Meow Shadow Shady Shere Khan Shiro Star
Ouka Tiger Tenshi Sundance Ember  
  Group 3 at 8 months
  Multiple Best Of Breed Winner
  1997 IEAC Specialty RWD
  1998 ACLV Independent Specialty Winners Dog and Award Of Merit over a dozen specials
  2000 GGAC Independent Specialty AOM
  2000 ACLV Independent Specialty AOM
  2000 Westminster final cut. (Lion was next in line for an AOM but through a club error all the AOMs were not on the Judges table.)
  2000 CIAC Independent Specialty Best In Show
  2000 CIAC Supported Entry Best Of Breed
  2000 IEAC Supported Entry Best Of Breed
  2001 GGAC Independent Specialty AOM. All the above were breeder-owner-handled
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