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   Imported from Japan March 10, 2000 thanks to the help of Mitsko Suzaki (translator) and Mr Naomasa Hirose, vice president of the JKC Akita section and an AKIHO member who has produced many Meiyosho Award winners in his nearly 50 years in the Akita breed. Mr Hirose attended the 1997 ACA National Specialty in St Louis as part of the JKC delegation.
  Ouka's AKC quality was noticed by Loren & Cristina Egland at the December 1998 AKIHO Headquarters show they attended in Japan. Thanks also go to Ouka's previous owner for sending his only Akita to California. We found out after Ouka arrived that her sire had won the Highest Award at the AKIHO Headquarters Show, the "Taisho" (now called Meiyosho)
   Ouka's first AKC show was the April 7, 2000 ACLV Independent Specialty where she placed 4th in the Open class of 14 bitches, even though she was out of coat.
  Ouka is owned by Carl Jensen (Denmark), Co-Owned by Joshua Popkin and Loren & Cristina Egland
  Denmark Champion (FCI)
  2000 ACA National Specialty First in Open Bitch (37 entries) and Reserve Winners Bitch (131 entries).
Ch Ouka Go Shinobusow Yagumo Go Minotsusow
Taisho Winner - Akiho 95-2216
Namihibiki Go Chikuzen Ootani - Akiho 93-2485
Hatsumi Go Minotsusow - Akiho 93-9104
Fumi Go Shikoku Mori
Akiho 95-3367
Saiten Go Taiwan Tetsuyukisow - Akiho 94-4053
Renge Go Tamashima Haradasow
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